Tools and Philosophy


I see instruments as paint brushes.  Never would claim to be a virtuoso, but do play many different stringed instruments.  I play them for color and breadth of stroke just like painting.  My brushes include: Hard Driver Guitar, slide, electric, acoustic 6, acoustic 12, baritone, baritone nylon, nylon acoustic, mandolin, bass, ukelele, baritone ukelele, banjo and anything else with strings (those that do not require a bow).  

My favorite instrument these days though is my Mac and Logic.  I love mixing and forming sound...  so very rewarding.  Find myself getting impatient with the guitarist (me) as I want to get back to mixing: "Come on.... get the part right so we can continue!"


As a fortunate husband and father with the majority of my years behind me, I just want to say something relevant with my music.  Life is fleeting and we are surrounded by beauty and pain.  Music is a celebration and my job on this earth is to share that joy with others employing my soul's best effort. While doing that, fortunately, do not have to remind myself often to have fun.  Writing, recording and playing music is a blast.  

Thanks Linn (my sister) for quitting guitar - don't blame her as it hurts the fingers at first... A LOT!! It resulted in my folks giving me her time slot with Big Al Thompson.  He was an old-style jazz cat and he got me started.  I will miss his gentle spirit.  He let me play his Johnny Smith years later.  Would like to think I inherited some of his quiet assurance.

© Rick Knotts 2012