Life Performance

I am available for life performance both individually and with ensemble.  For individual performances, I play acoustic six, twelve and nylon.  I also play etherial electric over backing tracks.  The music is an eclectic blend of folk, soft rock, new age and pop.  The sets are spontaneous and designed to be background for events like wine tastings.  I bring a small sound system suitable for small to medium sized rooms (PA required by host otherwise).  Please email me with details about your event including the date, location, budget, type of event and time slot for performance desired: 

Come out and join me at one of the Spike and the Impaler shows.  Most northwestern folks know of Bob Rivers and Spike.  I am honored to be one of three regular guitarists to perform with that group.  The band plays classic rock from the 60's, 70's and beyond.  For fellow guitar nerds, I often end up playing as many as five tunings (normal, open E, open G, drop D and DAGDAD).  You will see some great guys and some profound talent.  If you come to check out Scott on sax alone, it will be worth the journey.

I also have been honored to share the stage with my high school buddies in Rail for many years.  We play a few times a year and it is always a fun reunion with crew and bandmates.  Many of you visiting here already know about the group, so I will not go into a long dissertation.  Great guys and a long history of touring, recording (video and audio) and living together. 

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