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Since I was fourteen I have had a love affair with the guitar. Was turned onto Alvin Lee playing "Help Me Babe" on Ten Years After Recorded Live, and kept going from there.  At first, I was enthralled with the great rock technicians: Blackmore, Howe and Page.  As life passed, became more about the heart (not that either group lacked technique or heart): Stevie Ray, Hendrix, Buckingham, the Eagles and CCR.  Also have learned from many folk, new age and classical acoustic artists.  

In addition to known players, I studied music theory and jazz under the incomprable Leo Dodd, voice with Maestro David Kyle (bless his magnificent soul) and guitar with Big Al Thompson (bless his generous soul).  My real lessons came from playing, touring and observing players around me.  I think the real heart and soul of a player is the story of that person's life, and how it is shared through one's instrument of choice.

After fourteen years of playing, I shelved my instrument for a while, until my dear friend Schuyler Duryee encouraged me to join his band Naked Truth.  He helped me get back on the horse and turned me on to pick and fingers style (forever, forever grateful).  I experienced a re-birth in my playing.  

I have combined pick and fingers with the use of a Hard Driver (sustainer built by Sky and myself through Rob and Andy at EMG assited by Steve Moore - descendant of the Floyd Rose Sustainer designed by Steve Moore, Floyd and myself).  Finally, at a somewhat-mature point in life, I have found a playing style that I like to call my own.

In the last two years, I have become obsessed with recording, mixing and producing and LOVE IT!  I find crafting sound to be almost as compelling as breathing air.  Read more about my current project with the Elsewaves.  

Thank you for visiting...  I encourage you to visit other pages and share this musical journey with me.

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